E-note: management of veterinarian practice

Назад к оглавлению энциклопедии


A set of instruments controlled in SaaS, designed for managing a vet practice of any size and professional field. Depending on the needs, user can set and use individually following


patient e-card

patient log (examination data, diagnosis, treatment

diagnostic procedures (visual diagnostics and laboratory

treatment plan (control for ambulatory and hospitalized

transfer of hospitalized patients between responsible

preventive procedures (vaccination,

Mutual settlements

for service conducted, manipulations and

client payments (receipt issue, partial payment, debt repayment, prepayment for

work with

preparation of a detailed report for a certain period with final justification for the current

debtors list in accordance to doctors responsible and debt


appointment for a new patient that was not

appointment for a registered

selection of time convenient for the

selection of time for an appointment to a certain

e-queue (appointments, patient sequence

electronic display (monitor with ticket


registration of retail sales (selection according bar codes and

working with several clients simultaneously (postpone and return

returns from customer (control of price, rebates, returns and re-timing of

quick goods (bags, treats, vitamins,

preparation and automatic printing of price

automatic generation and printing of


inventory of stock (automatic detection of changes, shortage, correction, distribution

revaluation, price increase, decrease

pricing of the

account of shelf life and by series

automatic calculation of dosages and writing off units (ml ampoules, vials,

different units (ml per dosage, bottles,

rapid assessment of current costs and prices of current

production of goods



analysis of needs with a minimum reserve

analysis of the needs according to implementation

selection of supplier with the lowest

purchase price dynamics

revaluation on direct

settlements with deferred payment and settlements with

orders to suppliers (automatic drafting, status,


map-location of

discount cards (dashed, magnetic, with automatic


informing (text message,

reminder about an appointment, preventive procedures, informing about the current health status of an


sending, printing of laboratory testing

billing by

SIP phone

customer satisfaction


maintain cash and bank

acquiring (control cash deposit and the percentage of trade


cash flow

working with advance


forecasting and elimination of cash

Staff and Salary


random personal

salary, bonuses and penalties, including expense


salaries payment individually and according to the

settlements on wages, employee


possibility to control one clinic or a whole network using single

working in a single balance for the entire network, or separately for each

management balance

profit and loss


sales dynamics by customers, doctors, sellers, services, products, goods, specific

average check calculation by doctors, clinic, the

calculation of break-even point and

fixed assets

calculation of

account of low cost


working with trading equipment (barcode scanner,

SIP phone

card reader

hindsight document

automatic calculation of cost and financial

built-in search of errors in

working with archives, x-rays, DICOM

differentiation of access rights for certain

time limit for execution of actions with

differentiation of access rights by availability of information (clinics, stocks, offices, types of prices);

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